equanetia OÜ was founded to provide their customers with comprehensive engineering services, predominantly in the field of manufacturing technologies in terms of feasibility studies, concept evaluation, process engineering and process design. This also includes typical simultaneous engineering support tasks such as cost estimation, calculation and budgeting, project management, performance reviews. The employees of equanetia OÜ are internationally experienced and highly skilled in their field of expertise, independently capable of translating your requests in appropriate and effective work tasks. Amongst others, the main expertise of the organization refers to industrial metal forming operations.

The company’s services are fully operative anywhere on site or remotely. The regular means of engineering consultancy tools embrace the common range of partially cloud based software applications which can be agreed on for specific projects purposes during quotation.

equanetia OÜ is registered in Estonia and is based on the concepts of the Estonian e-Residency-program. The compliance status with respect to the Estonian tax authorities is permanently rated and published. The company is insured against a wide range of threats that might occur during their business activities.

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